Ibuki is an Indian brand that is determined to offer good health to its consumers through its range of wellness shots. Ibuki shots combine the goodness of kadhas with the deliciousness of flavours. Ibuki features 14 different flavours. The website is going to feature the products as well as the story behind Ibuki. Through the website, we will elaborate on the benefits of the products and describe their uniqueness.

Remember when we dreaded telling our grandmothers that we had a cold or weren’t feeling well? our grandparents have always believed in the home remedies that have been handed down to us for generations. one such home remedy that has its origin in the pages of ayurveda is kadha.

since time immemorial, kadha has been a favourite in indian households during ailments. be it cold, fever, or even an upset stomach, our grandmothers would concoct this unique hot drink crafted from a combination of indian spices, commonly found in every indian kitchen.

kadha is known for its numerous health benefits and has its roots deep into indian traditions and ayurveda. it is also known for something else - its bitter spicy taste. children and even some adults run from even hearing the word kadha. making the children drink kadha is a task for the entire family. so how do we help them boost their health and immunity?

the answer is simple - we make it delicious! and that is exactly what we at ibuki have done. we drew inspiration and wisdom from the rich asian, european, and american heritage and combined that knowledge with the ancient indian science of ayurveda.

we have infused our brews with the wholesome properties of the good old kadhas and added other delicious natural ingredients, crafting delicious concoctions filled to the brim with health. prepared with superior quality natural ingredients, our shots of kadhas make a noticeable impact on health when consumed religiously every day. and this is where our story towards a healthy life begins...