The jewels of the historic hallmark 1TO embody the craftsmanship and the experience of a unique heritage of gold and chains manufacturing.

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Creativity generates beauty and being inspired by unforgettable masterpieces is a point of honour for Mattioli.

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Shining, glamorous, inviting. At the first touch, multi-color cabochons conquer as lively bonbons. Candy jewels come to life amid the colors of sumptuous rings, necklaces, cascading earrings and sets of colorful spheres.

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The eternal charm of colorful gems meets the different concepts of femininity that Mattioli evokes through his creations.

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The latest inspiration for the collection by Licia Mattioli that plays with optical enchantments, chromatic flashes and multi-color fires.

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The Mattioli Tree of Life, a symbol of life and knowledge.

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Soft and sinuous lines, intersected in an endless weave.

Maldamore is a symbol of passion, union, eternal feeling.

Rings, bracelets and earrings inspired by the futuristic outbursts of Giacomo Balla: bands in rose and white gold are combined in shiny vortices to become precious ribbons studded with pavé diamonds.

Sweet halves to compose and decompose in the play of opposites of the Yin Yang rings, which combine two parts of the same beauty.

Combinations of white, rose and black gold, in a play of colors and sophistication enhanced by white, black and brown diamonds, rubies, iolites and tzavorites.

Bright creations interchange with more classic models and golden meshes pay homage to the delicate elegance of the eternity rings.

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Kandinsky, Mondrian and Calder. Flashes of Abstract Art and echoes of the Seventies inthis Mattioli iconic line: Puzzle that bestowed the ready-to-wear jewellery its top degree of freedom. Games and imagination clink together in courageous trapeze shapes and colours. Smoothed angles and attractive irregular shapes to wear and change as desired. Puzzle is also at the very top for innovation in materials – coloured mother of pearls and wood.

Outstanding versatile components, as the “7 Ways Chain”, that joined with the bracelet becomes a long necklace: living resounding chains women use and reinvent in many a way. Even worn in a super-chic belt version; Puzzle carry the same versatility of the woman, ready to be adapt at any situation.

The earring too, it makes up a little precious game, an extravagant caprice, allowing to change the color of the trapezoid based on the look and mood of who is wearing it.

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Gold, colored stones, diamonds and mother of pearls characterize Siriana, between echoes of the East and the atmosphere of the harem.

Just as the grates on the windows hid the charm of the women from indiscreet glances, so the pierced gold ‘veils’ the stones below, later revealing the color.

Timeless glints of colorful mother of pearls combined with traditional white gold and a persuasive rose gold emphasise the charm of the Siriana collection.

Jewels that celebrate the treasures of the beautiful Zenobia, who ruled the ancient kingdom of Palmyra, modern-day Siria. Her treasures were said to be even more majestic than those of the Queen of Sheba.

The skill of the expert goldsmiths, combined with the preciousness of the diamonds and the warmth of the colored stones brings to life a collection composed of pendants, necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets, swirling feminine arabesques.

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Tibet tells a precious and distant story, like the Himalayan thread of life transmitted from mother to daughter before the wedding.

The lightness of the shapes celebrates the gold thread manufacturing giving life to entwining weaves embellished with suspended diamonds. A round of thread for a year of happiness with her husband, rotating without beginning or end, as a symbol of the circularity of life.

From the ancient Tibetan tradition we arrive at the rose and white gold thread of light chains, earrings, necklaces and bracelets inspired by the famous marquise stone cut, alternating curves and edges: wavy shapes that enhance gold jewels studded with diamonds, making the chain the protagonist of this story, while the yellow gold thread becomes intense and material in bracelets with oval meshes molded with slight, apparent irregularity.

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