Kandinsky, Mondrian and Calder. Flashes of Abstract Art and echoes of the Seventies inthis Mattioli iconic line: Puzzle that bestowed the ready-to-wear jewellery its top degree of freedom. Games and imagination clink together in courageous trapeze shapes and colours. Smoothed angles and attractive irregular shapes to wear and change as desired. Puzzle is also at the very top for innovation in materials – coloured mother of pearls and wood.

Outstanding versatile components, as the “7 Ways Chain”, that joined with the bracelet becomes a long necklace: living resounding chains women use and reinvent in many a way. Even worn in a super-chic belt version; Puzzle carry the same versatility of the woman, ready to be adapt at any situation.

The earring too, it makes up a little precious game, an extravagant caprice, allowing to change the color of the trapezoid based on the look and mood of who is wearing it.

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